Professional Trainings

Dr. Courtney is known for her informative, playful, and inspiring presentation style and is available to provide half-day/full day or intensive trainings for your agency or organization.

The following training topics have been conducted by Dr. Courtney at various conferences and agencies over the years in her local south Florida area, nationally across the US, or internationally in countries including England, Ireland, Morocco, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Please contact Dr. Courtney directly to learn more about the specific topics below and for training rates and availability.

Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies is an approved provider through the following:

Florida Department of Health - BAP # 1035; Association for Play Therapy - APT  # 10-287

Training Offerings

FirstPlay Infant Massage and Kinesthetic Storytelling
36 CE and Play Therapy Contact Training Hours

StoryPlay ™ Level 1 Four Day Intensive Training
30 CE and Play Therapy Contact Training Hours


Dr. Courtney’s groundbreaking research into Developmental Play Therapy has been published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. SEE:

Perspectives of a Child Therapist as Revealed Through an Image Illustrated by the Therapist, Fall, 2011, Journal of the American Art Therapy Association Vol. 28, Issue 3

Dr. Courtney's Chapter on Autism is now published. SEE:
Courtney, J.A. (2012). Touching autism through developmental play therapy.

In L. Rubin & L. Gallo-Lopez (Eds.), Play-based interventions for children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. New York: Routledge

Recent Training Offered by DPAT


Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies

Presented: Sir Richard Bowlby
Understanding Primary and Secondary Attachments
& the Role of the
Father in the Attachment Process

April 7, 2010 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center

This workshop examined the significance of primary and secondary attachments for children and for adults, and how children can have two different attachment relationships with each of their parents.  The unique roles of the mother and father as both primary attachment figures were explored with specific emphasis on the role of the father. Participants were able to spend a morning with Sir Richard Bowlby who shared his insights into his father’s upbringing and family life.



Other Trainings Offered by Dr. Courtney

  • Integrating EcoPsychology in Play Therapy
  • Creative Play Therapy Interventions with Children and Families.
  • Gestalt Play Therapy
  • Promoting Positive Child Responsiveness with Young Children.
  • Qualitative Analysis of Images of a Child Therapist as drawn by the Therapist
  • Art Assessment with Children.  
  • Family Play Therapy
  • Creating Therapeutic Board Games with Children and Families.
  • The Use of Play Therapy in the Assessment of Children for Abuse and Neglect
  • Using Play Therapy in Helping Children with Grief
  • Advanced Techniques in Play Therapy
  • Play Therapy Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children
  • Group Play Therapy  
  • Creative Play Therapy with the Elderly.
  • Turning Healing into Play: Mind Medicine for Children

Testimonials from Student and Workshop participant Evaluations:


“She has a lot to offer, and I really liked the spiritual and gestalt perspectives that she presents. I also loved the exercises she did.”

“Wonderful. This was great!  I would love to attend again.”

“An amazing, warm, intelligent, charismatic presenter. Provided knowledge of play therapy techniques that I can apply immediately.”

“The lecture was not only informative, but fun. Case examples were wonderful. I enjoyed the presentation and it was more than I expected.”

“I enjoyed her real-life case study examples of practice and the techniques used.”

“She is very empathetic and has a great knowledge of the field.”

“She was very understanding and shared personal stories that were relevant to what she was teaching.”

“Dr. Courtney is the epitome of a social worker. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding, genuine and passionate.”